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Shielding advice has been extended nationally until 31st march !


shielding advice has been extended nationally until 31st march !
the following info is from the recent nhse letter dated 16.02.2021
there is guidance and support available for individuals at high risk here to help them take extra precautions. 
the govt advice and support to shield is being extended nationally until 31 March
even if CEV individuals have had both doses of the vaccine, they are still recommended to follow this shielding advice until vaccine effectiveness has been formally assessed. 
individuals on the SPL will receive updated advice by letter before 31 March.
for more details:

Helping advice for shielding patients.

The Government has reintroduced shielding advice for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) people across all areas of England from 5 January. Shielding advice is expected to be identical to that which was in place nationally from 5 November to 2 December, and which was already in place in areas under Tier 4 restrictions.

this advice does not alter if an individual has received the COVID-19 vaccination.


the Government will be writing to all CEV individuals in England to inform them of the advice and support available (including individuals already advised to shield as part of Tier 4 restrictions).

This letter will emphasise the importance of CEV individuals continuing to engage with the NHS, and confirm that they will be prioritised for the COVID-19 vaccination in advance of the general population (as per current JCVI guidance).

it is expected that government will also be sending text messages and emails to affected patients where the nhs holds the relevant contact information

for more details:

January 2021

If you have a health issue that isn’t urgent, advice is available on the NHS website or NHS app or you can speak to your local pharmacist. You can also use e-consult which is available through our practice website If you aren’t sure what to do, please contact the practice who can advise you on how to get the help you need.


Please continue to attend tests, vaccinations and screening when invited. is also available 24/7 for urgent health advice or by calling 111, and 999 is for emergencies.”   ‘